Special Offers

Here at Bespoke Beauty we know how important it is to take some time out and look after yourself.  So in order to make sure that you have a truly relaxing experience we have put together a selection of personalised pamper packages for you to enjoy.


We will be offering different offers each month so keep an eye on this page for some truly amazing offers to make you glow from head to toe. 

Autumn Offers


This month is all about one of our favourite treatments....

A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is definitely not as scary as it may sound, it is literally another form of exfoliation.  There aren't any chemicals actually involved, it is a blend of acids which are used to exfoliate the skin. 

It is called 'chemical' because the acids cause a bio-chemical action in the skin, which will encourage the 'glue' like bonds that keep the dead cells attached to your skin to disolve, this massively speeds up your cellular renewal cycle. 

When the dead skin is gone, the body quickly replaces it with new, healthy, smooth skin - Making this an ideal treatment for: 

  • Aging skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne 
  • Acne scarring 
  • Rosacea
  • Dull & dehydrated skin 

The best news is I have a peel for EVERY skin type or concern, so your treatment will always be completely Bespoke to your beautiful self. 

Take a look at our exclusive Autumn offers below and treat yourself to beautful skin. 

We have two fantastic Autumn Offers available to book now: 

This offer is ideal, as you can have 12 weeks of medical grade products and 3 in-clinic treatments!  This will make a huge difference to your skin....with simply amazing results in time for Christmas. 


This month's offer not for you? 

Why not have a look at one of our other amazing new treatments all of which are personalised to your requirements.